Henrik – the first Sandstad to come home alive from Bolivia..(plus two photoes out)

In a few hours we will leave La Paz and Bolivia. And it looks like Henrik Sandstad, my training partner, will get back to Norway alive. Which is the first time a Sandstad does so. Sounds strange ? This is how the story goes :

The last time…

one in his family travelled to Bolivia things did not go so well. His great-great-grandfathers brother Ole Sandstad was the last Sandstad to visit Bolivia about 100 years ago. The traditional love story. Man from the far north falls in love with exotic women from the south. Man travels south for his love…..and never comes back. Henrik is looking more into the story, but it was investigated all the way until the 1960s as murder. Quite creepy, but thankfully not exactly illustrative for Bolivia today 🙂 Yes, they have beautiful women here, but the closest we have been to danger so far is walking across the street in La Paz with about 4 microbuses and taxis wide in the narrow streets on full speed and bad brakes. Luckily, we know how to run…

We spent the whole morning today sitting outside on the Prado (main area/street of La Paz) on a bench looking at people going to work and students going to school. 8 am, sun, 20 degrees and fresh mountain air. After so much hard training, such small things – to actually sit down and watch people around feels quite nice. I really like Bolivia, the relaxed atmosphere here, great weather and nice people.
Definately a place to come back to !

We have also done some shopping lately, and have found out that I am size XXXL down here 🙂 And I thought I was built like a distance runner. Down here, I am about the tallest you can find (1.82 tall/6″).

As for training, we are REALLY tired now, but in great condition. We are tired in a healthy way, not overuse tired. Which is a perfect way to end an altitude stay (and the way I like to end it) Now I will take some easy days after arrival to Norway and feel fresh for the next month.

Last update from Bolivia –


Ps : Two photoes out on the web under “Pictures” and “Bolivia 01”. More later after I come back home. These photoes show the mountain area Cordillera Real in the background and myself running on the cinder paths. All mountains you see are above 5000 meters with the tallest one over 6400 (to the far left)