Back in Norway

I am back in Norway again after my very successful training trip to Bolivia. I am feeling quite well in my body and had some nice long easy runs back home now. I am used to seeing the city of La Paz with moutains all around it, and I have to admit…

that looking down at small Oslo from above the Sogsvann lake (where I live) was not quite the same 🙂 With the kind of terrain that you have in the highlands of Bolivia, you understand the great power of nature. The one day we had bad weather down there, the mountains and winds showed its power.

I will run easy the next days also. These altitude stay are tests to the whole system, and my experience is that the test is not complete until you have rested for the first days at sea level. THEN you can start benefitting from it – not before.

Just a brief update from me. In great shape and looking forward to feeling it in training !