First quality session after my return from Bolivia

I have now run my first hard session after Bolivia and felt extremely strong and fresh. And I know it will just continue to get better and better for the next two weeks. My training camps are hard and demanding, but the effects lasts longer then the…

camps and the hard work there. It is definately worth it.

We (Frank and I) are heavy into planning for next year now. It looks like I will go once to Kenya in January, but have Bolivia as my base for the rest of the year. From March and on, Kenya has the rainseason but in Bolivia it is dry. Plus, you have a really nice tartan track in La Paz, but in Kenya only cinder up in Eldoret. So when the season comes closer, and in the season, Kenya is not a good alternative. Plus you get kind of tired of the same training routes when you go there every year. It is good with some change once in a while. Also, I found Bolivia much more relaxing. The Kenyans are really friendly, but the atmosphere can be sort of loud. In Bolivia, you get all the mental and physical rest you need in between training sessions. When you train sometimes three times a day, the only other thing you do that day is to sleep and eat. We had a few of those. Where we slept 11 hours at night and 4-5 during the day. Then it is nice to be such a quiet place like Bolivia.

Next week is a full training week again. I feel ready for it and my breathing is perfect (very light during hard exercise) after my body has adapted to the thin altitude air.

So all well,