Met Lars Martin Kaupang for the first time – Norwegian 1500 m.record holder :)

On Monday I met Lars Martin Kaupang, who has the Norwegian record in the 1500 m. with 3.37.4 back in the mid 1970s. I have never met him before, even though we both come from the “Kaupang family three”. A family that also includes the Tveter family…

(with several Olympians in speed skating and now also one of the top 20 female Junior Cyclists in the world Helene Tveter) So some good genetics there 🙂

We had a good talk, but I think he underestimates my ability in the 1500 meter :))) With an even race when I did 3.40 this summer, I think I could have done 3.38s. My splits were 2.00.9 at the 800 meter, then 1.54.8 on the last 800 meter (if you calculate). And no real pacemaking – front running. So Lars Martin – beware. Your record is old, but breakable. No worries though – it will stay in the family.

Training is going well. But I am in the really demanding period after altitude. I am now just hanging in there until next week when I will feel light and ready.

All well,