Met Lars Martin Kaupang for the first time – Norwegian 1500 m.record holder :)

(with several Olympians in speed skating and now also one of the top 20 female Junior Cyclists in the world Helene Tveter) So some good genetics there 🙂

We had a good talk, but I think he underestimates my ability in the 1500 meter :))) With an even race when I did 3.40 this summer, I think I could have done 3.38s. My splits were 2.00.9 at the 800 meter, then 1.54.8 on the last 800 meter (if you calculate). And no real pacemaking – front running. So Lars Martin – beware. Your record is old, but breakable. No worries though – it will stay in the family.

Training is going well. But I am in the really demanding period after altitude. I am now just hanging in there until next week when I will feel light and ready.

All well,