I have decided to focus on the 5000 m. in Sydney

I have now made my decision for what distance to run in Sydney. Even though I still will have an opening in the 10000 meters (I am listed in it), I have decided to focus on running the 5000 meters. There are several reasons for this:

First, I…

have raced the 5000 meters more this year, and I feel very comfortable with the distance. The 10000 meter I raced the 1st of April felt ok also, but I have a great feeling for the 5000 meter now, and that positive feeling plus all the experience I have gained (World Champs last year plus Golden League) will help me in Sydney.

Second, the training period after the Norwegian championships has consisted of a combination of speed work and long hard endurance work. I have run three special tests in this period, to test my body at different paces. The results show that my body runs comfortable and economically efficient on both 5000 meter and 10000 meter pace, but 63-64 laps (5k pace) is where I float the best and where lactic acid levels are relatively at the lowest compared to effort and pace.

Third, the preliminary entries in the 5000 meter and the 10000 meters looks almost the same when it come to competitors. They are both extremely tough to compete in. So that factor showed not to be that important.

Therefore, it felt natural for me to decide on the 5000 meters. BUT I will still be entered in the 10000 meters if things change as I prepare for Sydney!