Final travel date for Sydney : the 6th of September

Now it is all 100 % booked and ready. I was on waiting list to travel the 7th, but there was an opening the 6th, so that was okay. Then I will have plenty of time to get used to the time zone difference before the Games. I have experience with the…

jet leg issue from before, after travelling back and forth to the US. So I have analyzed my training notes from back then, to find out how many days I need to get used to the 9 hour difference. It is individual, but I have found out I need at least 2 weeks, and 3 -4 weeks is even better for top performances.

The Norwegian athletics team will stay for precamp on an island owned by Ron Clarke, former WR holder in the 10000 meter, right outside Brisbane. I am glad we get to stay nice and quiet, away from all the stress of Sydney. There, we can prepare the best we can before we go down to Sydney two days before we compete. That is perfect, and just like I am used to from the international meets.

All booked and ready to go !