1 1/2 weeks until the travel down to Australia

It is now only 1 ½ week until I travel down to Brisbane for precamp. As my training is progressing very well, and my body feels surprisingly (in late August) light and ready, I am starting to count down for the competition down there.

I have…

also spend time lately, analyzing my test results in practice and the entries from different countries in the 5000 and 10000 meters. This, because I want to make a decision on what distance to run before I leave Norway. At the moment it looks like the 5000 meter and the 10000 meter both will have prelims (heats) and a finale. In the World Champs last year, the 10000 meter was a direct finale. In Atlanta, they even had two rounds in the 5000 meter before the finale.

I am also happy that Johnny Høgseth, my personal expert on muscle treatment and muscle tension is ready for Sydney. His special treatment will make my legs 100 % ready to race and recoveries between sessions is dramatically decreased when he works with my legs. To have him down, together with Per Halle, helps me relax and feel comfortable. Per has been with me since I was 14, and his experience from the Olympics himself (7th 5000 m. 1972) will be helpful. He is one of the few people I really listen to when it comes to training and adjustments, and when the nerves and tension before the Olympics competitions start to come, he is a good person to have there to calm you down and make you focus. Both Johnny and Per will travel to Australia the 13th of September, when I have adjusted to the time difference and I am ready to do the last hard sessions before the competitions.

So all well with me, as the travel down to Australia is getting closer !