Back in Oslo again – school has started…

Olympics. There, I can relax and focus on something totally different.

My training is still going well. I am in a period of intense tempo training now, and will continue this until the travel down to Australia, early in September. As an old middle distance runner, I can feel that my body responds very well to the hard 300 meter reps and short speed training. My times in these sessions look very much like those I had as an 800 meter runner, only now I have way better endurance. I combine these 300 m. reps. with race pace 5/10000 meter training in the same session (plus my endurance work, of course) In this way I teach my body to run at race pace with high level of lactic acid in my legs. This anaerobic work is needed when you want to peak as a long distance runner, but you have to limit it to only a few weeks each year, otherwise your endurance will suffer from it.

I can feel Sydney getting closer now, and I cannot wait to get down there. Up to now, my preparations have gone well, but there still is alot of time up to the Games. So every day is a challenge and every detail has to be right before I am on the starting line in Sydney !