5000 or 10000 meter in the Olympics ?

To my surprise, there has been alot of focus on my choice of distance in the Sydney Olympics. I have qualified so I can choose between both distances. On this web page and to the media in general I have been very clear on this decision : I will not…

take it until right around the 1st of September. There are several reasons for this, the main ones being : 1) I am still in a period of training where I am testing my body on different paces, to find out what distance is best – the 5000 meter or the 10000 meters. This includes lactic acid test as well as “pace charts” (20×400 m. at 10000 m. pace translated into a certain time in the 10000 meters etc.) 2) by the beginning of September I will know what athletes are entered in what distance.

Apparently, however, the largest newspaper in Norway, VG, has already taken that decision for me. In todays paper, they state that I will run the 5000 meters down there. The source for this is “VG has knowledge of” šŸ™‚ Well, it seems like it is very easy to take that kind of shortcuts, when you want things “exclusive” :-). But, once again : my choice of distance (I will myself have the final word in that decision, of course) will be decided around the 1st of September. I need to have all the facts on the table before doing so, so I can make a wise choice. And : until the day before the 10000 m. heats (22.Sept), I will be listed on both distances so in theory I have both options open all the way through.

Well, all from me here in Steinkjer and the Norwegian Championships.
1500 meters coming up tomorrow ! Khalid Skah is racing it as well. Talked to him yesterday, and he is in good shape !