Norwegian Championships up next

I am now preparing for the Norwegian Championships next weekend, where I will run the 1500 meter. My training is going well, though I am extremely tired after some very long hard training sessions since the Bislett Games. This is my last chance to…

get myself to another level before Sydney, so the tiredness is just something I have to take. I will train hard through the Norwegian championships, and up to the travel to Brisbane (precamp) the 9th of September. Because of jetleg, I will lose some days of training there, and that will suit well into a training program where I build mileage now. The planning process up to Sydney is closely monitored by Per Halle, Peter Coe and Frank Evertsen. With that kind of advisors (and they work very well together) I hope to hit the perfect peak for Sydney. This will be a long season, but mentally I am still fresh and looking forward to racing down there. That is extremely important, and one way of staying fresh is to limit the racing in August, like I am doing right now.

From Sandefjord,