In La Paz, finally feeling strong again

I am over the hard middle period of the altitude stay now πŸ™‚ It feels great. I am tired, but not as “dead” as I was in the middle of last week. This happens the same time every altitude stay. Last Wednesday I was feeling so bad in one of the…

workouts that I gave coach Frank a really, really hard time during one of the recoveries when he tried to talk to me. I am extremely focused while running. Afterwards I told him I was sorry, but he just said : ” Sometimes I am just a rock” Good answer πŸ™‚

We are down in La Paz again. In a few days Eastern break starts down here. It will be interesting to experience that in such a different country. In general Bolivia is an intersting place to experience. It is as different as Kenya, but I like the atmosphere better. It suits me with a laid back, relaxed, clean atmosphere. It is exotic without being too different. People are private, but nice. Very imporant when you spend so much time on such a place. We will hang out with some of the local athletes during Eastern break. They will take us around and we are looking forward to that. Locals know all the little things better then us.

We are hanging in there. Very well trained at the moment. As Henrik said when looking down today : “Even my feet have lost weight” :)))))

All well from Bolivia and South America,