Meeting with local athletics professor

On yesterdays track session, the whole team of local distance athletes were on the track running 400 meter intervalls. I had sort of a non-specific session so I decided to put on a little show for them as I could see they were ready to clock me…

(probably after seeing me run in the Park last week). So I started knocking off 60-61 laps at the extreme altitude of the La Paz track. To their great amazement 🙂

Two hours later we received a phone call from the chief of the hotel we are staying at : the professor that coaches the athletes on the track wanted a meeting. So in the evening he came and explained how impressed he had been with the running and wanted to know if I could share some of the work I was doing.

Usually I am very careful with giving out specifics. But here in Bolivia I can see a great need for it. Because, even though they know about the functions of the body, the practical part of training is done with very little knowledge of what is needed to perform top class. So I had to pull out my computer and show him in details how my work was set up. Otherwise it would have been too abstract and not for much help. I never do this normally, but these people work very hard to bring Bolivian athletics to a higher level and the resources (in terms of materials and knowledge) is very little. So I had to make an exception. He really appreciated it, and explained what the Bolivian athletes were doing. They are running enough mileage, but the total system is not strong enough to bring the athletes to top level. But with some modifications and new principles in there, I believe the Bolivians can perform excellent results. They have both the small body frame, large lungs, altitude adapted muscular system, (lactate) and high blood values. Perfect for long distance runners. So we will see.

All is still well here. Training hard and preparing a little bit for the travel home. Only 4 more days until I reach Norway again.

From La Paz,
Marius 🙂