In steady climb

extra work but got pulled out of the session by him towards the end to save some power for the next hard training. This time a year it is good to have someone there to limit yourself once you are 100 % focused and in the middle of hard work 🙂 I can keep going, going and going – which is my strength and my weakness. My way of giving in is giving a bit extra (not in running “hard” anaerobic stuff, but by forcing the body into the “right” system mode again) but sometimes, when the timing is very close to competitions you have to watch yourself much more closely on that.

I can also sense some warmer weather coming over Oslo now. Which is important – it gives you the little extra edge during the trainings plus Oslo is a really nice place to be when the weather is nice. Lots of people outside – both downtown and up here by Sogsvann. The whole city goes through the transformation from a small capital to a urban center in no time 🙂

All well,