National team gathering this weekend

We will have a national athletics team meeting this weekend at the Top Athletics center in Oslo. Sort of a kick-off to the track season. Shows that is is right around the corner πŸ™‚

Three weeks until the Bislett Games in Bergen tomorrow. Three…

very important weeks in terms of peaking. You have to hit it right, not only on the peaking factors but also manage to keep as many as possible of the other factors the same (endurance, health etc) This juggling is what matters when it gets this close. So things are quite busy right now – trying to make things as optimal as possible..

I will soon do another track session, moving up in intervall distance. The sprint coach is back again from a training camp in France. That will be helpful as he has seen me run many times before. Plus his very positive attitude is very helpful when you have to get through those tough (but precise) training sessions. Someone to keep the athlete on his toes. Though I actually did get some good feedback on yesterdays long endurance session around the Sogsvann area ; my manager StΓ₯le Jan suddendly appreared right there in my normal training route. Very strange, he lives a couple of hours away from Oslo but just for some reason came right there at that time. So he watched me closely as I came by and we had a discussion on it later that evening. Some people just seem to appear when you least expect it πŸ™‚

Time for some easy running now..