On softer roads..

I will be running an outside longer endurance training today, to spare the lower legs from the hard track/treadmill running. They have been a bit sore since the relay on asphalt this weekend so a few faster runs on soft cinder will be beneficial to…

soften them up abit. No need to take any chances as the track season is soon underway.

I am gradually and steadily tapering the training now. The key is to get the best out of the winter but at the same time hit the training intensity with just as much precision during the summer. Alot of athletes do quite a bit of good work during the wintertime, but go overboard when the spring finally arrives and end up with a very early peak. Training in the US I know all about that :)) You would have absolutely nothing left when the really important races came around – especially in the longer distances. Due to overrracing and overspeed – a result of a lack of experience and lack of good guidance.

I wonder how many good athletes could come out of the American college system with a bit more overall planning. You have some great schools on that, such as Stanford, but in general too little endurance work – with too hard intensity (and too many races) plus very little real periodization makes alot of talents just disappear through the system. It would be fun to eventually go over there myself – when I am done as a competative runner, to see if you could help out on one of the schools. Because the facilities and the number of runners being so good – you have to get results all those factors taken into consideration. And I would love to spend some more time in the US – those two years over there was alot of fun.

Tomorrow will be two easy runs before another good week of training -and the 17th of May celebration on Monday 🙂

from Oslo,