In StMoritz

with his daughter Gunhild (15.09/5000 m) so he came with Frank to watch my workout. Is was a long aerobic run, right below the lactate treshold split into intervalls. I was feeling fine, and it is a great beginning to the buildup I will need down here in order to get ready for the European Champs in August.

The atmosphere down here is like I remember it from last year ; quiet, beautiful and with long nice paths to run on. There are already some good athletes down here ; Wilson Boit Kipketer, Andre Bucher etc. Plus a group of Norwegians ; Gunhild Halle, Ketil Hodnekvam (1.47/800m), Kjersti Plätzer (2ndOGWalking). So you get an athletic feel for things, right in the middle of the quiet Alps. A good combination 🙂

All well from here,