In StMoritz

I have now arrived St.Moritz. We came late yesterday and took the last lift up to our hotel which is located about 2500 meters altitude, above StMoritz at 1800 meters.

Today was the first day of workouts. Per Halle, my former coach, is here…

with his daughter Gunhild (15.09/5000 m) so he came with Frank to watch my workout. Is was a long aerobic run, right below the lactate treshold split into intervalls. I was feeling fine, and it is a great beginning to the buildup I will need down here in order to get ready for the European Champs in August.

The atmosphere down here is like I remember it from last year ; quiet, beautiful and with long nice paths to run on. There are already some good athletes down here ; Wilson Boit Kipketer, Andre Bucher etc. Plus a group of Norwegians ; Gunhild Halle, Ketil Hodnekvam (1.47/800m), Kjersti Plätzer (2ndOGWalking). So you get an athletic feel for things, right in the middle of the quiet Alps. A good combination 🙂

All well from here,