Changing weather, but great running conditions

Yesterday we had a beautiful day up here in the Alps. Blue sky, warm weather and no wind. So Frank and I spent the day (when not training) relaxing on our hotel. Since it is located above the valley StMoritz is in, the view is spectacular. So we…

spent the afternoon planning things ahead, while enjoying the relaxing time up there.

Then, of course, we woke up this morning to rain and wind. Unusual down here… and of course we had planned a track session to test out the achilles and get some track mileage done. At the end of the session, it was Frank, myself and a Polish 800 meter runner within miles distance πŸ™‚ It was raining, raining and the wind was blowing hard from all angles. I got through the whole session but looked like the storm I had been running in when I had finished.

More good athletes are here now. Dieter Baumann has arrived, Lydia Chlojeka (sub 4 min 1500 m), Pawel Czapiewski (1.43 800), Damian Kallabis (8.09 steeple), Stephen Cherono (7.58 steeple). So new faces every day around the track down here.

All is well. Trying to build, build and build πŸ™‚