Track session this morning

I did a good, hard track session this morning on the St.Moritz track. It is located right south of the town, by the lakeside. Beautiful running surroundings. Lots of people down there. A great change to Norway, where I usually do workouts by myself…

together with Frank by the Sogsvann lake.

I did a series of longer intervalls at competition speed. It is hard to compare to sea level, but I can feel my strength is coming back in my legs. I can float now, and glide through the stride. That is a change, so things are moving the right direction for every day πŸ™‚

We watched the Stockholm Grand Prix meeting on Tuesday with the family of my former coach Per Halle. I could feel myself getting tense and nervous just by watching the 5000 meter race. I look forward to running with those guys again. There is no better feeling then running fast races in front of a great crowd. It makes all the hard work worthwhile…

A rest day yesterday with sightseeing in Italy. We are only 30 minutes from the border and took the trip in between sessions.

All well from down here !!