In Toscany :)

I have arrived Toscany now, on the Olympic Training center about 20 minutes drive from Pisa.

It is great for training here. Not only the training conditions, forest areas mixed with cinder paths alongside the small rivers, but also in terms…

of temperature (about 20 degrees C and short sleeves/shorts on all trainings). Plus, this area must be one of the most beautiful, quiet places around – it has all the romantic touch of Toscany. The houses, people and atmosphere… Very different than what I am used to from Kenya πŸ™‚

The intervall session yesterday went good. I ran with a group of four other athletes, three of the marathon/half marathoners (2.18 and upwards) and one steeplechaser. We ran up to one of the farms closeby, found a place where the road went in different directions and ran the intervalls from there. I would go for five minutes, then turn. The way back I had plenty of work to do to catch the other runners (who also turned when I turned) so all of us got a great kind of session even though we varied in level and distance.

Today two easy runs. Just enjoying the forest paths, crossing – back and forth right around the center. Endless possibilities with the typical threes hanging and stretching across the paths.

We are about 20-25 Norwegian athletes here. A fine mix. On a good level, we have some of the best Norwegian males – myself, Henrik plus a few good marathoners anda steepler and females – two with times under 16.00 5000 meter, one of them still very competitive the other one only recreational at the moment. Plus lots of others on different levels. Makes the tone nice and laidback πŸ™‚

Enjoying Italy!