Small talk in Oslo the coming Thursday

The coming Thursday I will have a small talk/lecture on training+the season and things around it. It will be held downtown Oslo, right by the mainstreet Karl Johansgate in the new running/shoestore “Skopro” (you can visit their site at …

href=””> ). I am a bit involved with the Skorpo concept/store for the simple reason that I like new technology, especially within running. And they have really good stuff (Mac based fully automatic video testing system ) for testing runners for shoes, far better than what I have seen elsewhere in Norway and when I was studying in the US. So well worth helping out a bit when you know how much individual shoes matters to runners in terms of injury prevention.

You can also suggest lecture topics on their website, if you have any interests in particular.

This are going well here. I had a hard session on the treadmill this morning and felt fine. But I am looking forward to some change in weather, surface and location now as I have been home in Norway for three weeks now 🙂 So Italy comes at a very good time..

Until then I will keep up training as good as possible and hopefully I will arrive back again to the Norwegian spring.

All well,