Another run with Vidar and Henrik

I did another session with the club Vidar and my friend Henrik today. The newspaper Aftenposten also came during the session, to take some pictures and watch.

I brought my lactate meter with me today to make sure I was right on track. After…

two intervalls I measured myself right below the lactate treshold so perfect timing. I kept picking up the pace but with full control over those numbers. So I kept right behind Henrik for the remaining of the session. He will race a half marathon in a bit over a week in Milano so he is increasing the pace in some of his sessions these days. Makes it easy for us to run together.

Tomorrow is an easy day. 36 km today, so just two longer runs tomorrow. But recovery will be easy as I got the lactate right on todays training. If I had stayed only 0.2/0.3 above the treshold I would have needed a day extra recovery. Says alot about how important it is to be accurate in terms of training intensity and training control. I believe this is why many people miss out on the performances they could have achieved. They go just that bit too hard on everything, end up not recovering and eventually overtraining. We have tested hundreds of lactate strips on Kenyans and they are almost always, even when running 2.40-50 in the 1000 meters (the good ones) below 3.0 mmol/l. Extremely low values. And guess what, they can (and the Ethiopians also) run hard almost twice the number of sessions that normal mzungos can… not that hard to realize once you got it right and can feel it on your own body also πŸ™‚

Time to rest now..
All well,