Two easy training days before the new week

I took two days easy training now, as the level and amouth of quality work from the last week was already plenty. In that way I will go straight into a new period of hard training before the Italy training camp in under two weeks 🙂

We did a…

video analyzes during the treadmill session on Wednesday. Quite interesting. They got a DVD made before I had finished the session so I could take it with me home to view slow motion. By increasing speed and doing it on several occations, we can watch the progression on a muscular basis also. This will be especially important as I will soon go into a period of more race specific work (plymetrics and speed) Anything that can give you a benefit must be used during that crucial time. The sprint coach plus his assistant who was there for filming have these things in their fingertips. They have excellent knowledge of running mechanics and anything related to the muscular and nervous system. I got long distance running and most of the stuff involved with it pretty much automatic now. But it is impressing to see that people have equal levels of information avaliable on other elements of running that may be beneficial as well. It give you that little extra edge during the workouts 🙂

Out for an easy run. Soon spring, cannot wait to get on the cinder paths around Sognsvann again…

From Oslo,