Just back from a long run to clear out the legs..

To clear out alot of hard post-altitude training this last week I joined Henrik and the others for a long run this Sunday. I normally do not use those, if I do not have specific reasons to. But sometimes it is wise to just go on a real easy run to…

get a good blood slow through the legs. Very hard sessions on the treadmill recently, but I have been getting great help from phyio Høgseth to keep the system sharp on a minimum recovery..

Henrik is getting back into regular training now after the marathon in London and will run a 10 km track race next week. It is nice for me to have someone there who will always be ready for the long endurance stuff -even in summer when alot of people like to taper alot.

Another look at Bislett stadium the other day as I drove past it. Looks great already 🙂 Now it is just a matter of staying healthy and sharp until the opening the 29th of July which will be one of the real highlights of the season..

All well!