Only short time until hard track work begins..


Yesterdays session was another treadmill one. As I travelled to South Africa quite late in the winter buildup it is beneficial to do some more treadmill work just before getting into the harder outside stuff. But it was hard to see the others running 200 and 400 meters repeats in the sunny weather outside while I was in the top athletics center running those long intervalls 🙂

Had a talk to former world champion in the biathlon (plus Olympic champion in the relays) Frode Andresen yesterday. Interesting, he knows as few things about training that not alot of others have bothered going into depth in. Refreshing to see people coming to the same conclusions – not only on subjective “feeling” but on test results as well. Will be interesting to see how well he can be in the Olympics this winter – at altitude in Torino anything can happen.

Still feeling fresh after altitude and will continue pressing the sessions until I need a rest period (from prior experience in about a weeks time) Until then, plenty of training and plenty of rest 🙂

From Oslo,