Kilometers and kilometers;)

A journalist called me a few days ago and with the question if Norwegian endurance athletes could train more hours weekly? She based it on a talk with Olympic Rowing champ Olaf Tufte.

Interestingly,alot of the other endurance sports in…

Norway base training load on number of hours trained monthly while we runners base it on km weekly. So it was diffucult to answer the questions, other than the fact that in a year I cover the total distance from Norway to Beijing and a bit of the return trip also :))

I always wonder, though, why the focus is only on km and/or hours trained. It is no problem to do alot of either, it is just to do tons of alternative training and count long recoveries/warmups. What I aim for though, is to achieve the maximum tolerable load of the training seemingly optimal for the best racing performances. This, in turn, give you not only a challenge of counting the work done but also challenging your use of that particular time.

Now, this does mean training lots and lots of volume of running.. But it also mean high priorities of how you do this. And the more able you are making those right priorities the more you can train without getting injured plus the better results you will get both from the makup of the training itself and the continuity you get from staying injury free.

Looking forward to January and onwards when those things become top priority in my daily training !

Off for some classes,