Probably the US for January

I am planning the training camps for next year and it looks like I will end up in the US/Florida for the January stay.

Usually I go to Kenya during this time but this year I will make some changes and have the first stay in Africa somewhat…

later. Good with some variation.

The snow is melting around here now, making running conditions easier. So I have had some nice, longer runs recently to get some more km after a period of difficult, icy surfaces on the distance runs. But I will still stick to the treadmill abit.

My experience is that when you are not training at very top volume and intensity it does not matter that much with the variation of surface, location, speed (within reason). It is when you start hitting it hard you need a good variation between outside, inside, tradmill, road, long-short intervalls and periodization within and over the weeks. That is when you really have to show what you know about your own body and its reaction.

So for now, a treadmill session this evening 🙂