Last of the hard track sessions down here

Tomorrow is the last of the really hard, long track sessions down here. With extremely short recoveries and high speed. It is a kind of session that you fear and love at the same time. It challenges you to the line and brings out the absolute…

qualities you have as a runner. So I am preparing for it. We will have to run it very early in the morning because of the hot weather we have had recently.

Today we did a long sub-hard session on the mud roads. On parts of it we were joined by Julius Korir, a 43 year old athlete of Frank who did 61 in the half marathon age 39. With the shape he is in now I believe he could do from 2.10 to 2.15 in the marathon. He was a great athlete in the beginning of the 1990s winning several of the major 5000 meter Grand Prix races beating runners like Khalid Skah. Even though he is old now, the running conditions (prevents injury), altitude and climate up here makes it possible for him to continue his career…almost twice my age :))

We have had a relaxing day today between the sessions. Just spent the time at the beautiful colonial style outside restaurant of the hotel we are staying at. Those days makes you want to stay here forever….

All well from Eldoret,