Back in Norway late Sunday

We are now soon leaving Eldoret again. With almost three weeks of hard training with us home. It is time now for some real rest. We have done all the work planned and your whole body hurts. I am really looking forward to the long planetrip home…

(rest !) and some easy days back in Norway. I have heared from home that it has been snowing lately, so I am mentally adjusting to it πŸ™‚

We did a great training session on the Moi University track Thursday, knocking off hard repeats. With a very FAST end to it….shows that I am getting in shape.

If we sum up the training stay here in numbers, it includes 2-4 training sessions daily, 3 hours of wait for the food in the restaurant daily, 180 dry toasts with butter, 32 breasts of chicken steak, 10 hours of sleep each night….and another two in the sun by the pool during the day, 16 days with sun, one rainy evening, 2200 meters altitude, 204 times hearing “How are you mzungo” (white man) – 4 times each run 3 times daily for 17 days… and finally 25 dead mosquitos on the wall πŸ™‚

So all in all a great training stay down here !