Last update from here

The next update will probably come from Norway.

I had to run abit late this morning due to some heavy morning rain. Typical African stuff. Out of nowhere, it just pours down. Just like the Kenyans, I do not like training the long hard…

trainings in the rain.. 😉 So I waited for abit and it cleared nicely.

I went very hard this morning. This period is when I can really push because I am acclimatized but at the same time not so tired from the altitude training yet. On most sessions I put down a minimum of work that should be done in a particular training zone and then I make sure that I stay there for that number on minutes in total. If I go too hard or too easy, I just have to run another intervall. So precision pays off – and the precision is really what I think makes running interesting in general..

We are staying close to the national parks of South Africa, where they have all the safaris. Some of the athletes have travelled there already and we are considering it. It all depends on training and time. So far I have only seen lots of huge cows, snakes and a pig (sleeping right in middle of the dirt path) that scared the life out of me 🙂

Gotta go now,