Only a few days left in South Africa

I have had a period of great training now and just tuning in to the last period here.

South Africa proved to be a wise pick this time a year. Temperatures a bit cooler than Kenya and running conditions very good to do the proper mileage…

needed. Plus, with the group of other Scandinavian athletes here it is more social than some of the places down in Kenya. I feel priveliged being down here. In the last years I have seen so many exciting places – and stayed there over long periods of time. And now also South Africa. You feel lucky to have experienced those things together with the moments running (fast πŸ™‚ )has given to you itself.

I doubled up another two hard sessions yesterday with the lactate testing done during it. We have apartments right in the middle of the training paths so very convenient to just drop by the room in between intervals to do that. The tests still show a nice progression in the training.

Something I can also sense in the recovery patterns down here. We just had the physio from the Federation down here and he went over my muscles and was happy with the state. That is an important indication, together with sleep and general well being that things have been going well πŸ™‚ So I hope to continue that trend throughout the stay and into the next period. It is interesting to monitor those things closely. To know your body and to find those things you can do to help yourself. Almost like a project by itself. You find patterns and little signs all the way. I have done a good job with this beginning in Kenya and that is probably the reason why things are in balance training and recovery wise now. It is good to have that feeling going into the spring and see that is has paid off to be patient.

Lunch is waiting. They have some excellent restaurants up here so we usually eat out for both lunch and dinner.

From the mountains of South Africa,