Nice period of training

I have had some very nice training sessions recently. This period of the altitude stay is very stable and your body does not go up and down constantly from workout to workout. A relief 🙂

We went out very early this morning again for quality…

work. We put all our stuff into a rented taxi and it drives behind us to light up the road during the warmup. It is very dark – no lights around at all. Quite different to warmup under the stars. You get a nice, cold breeze while warming up. And right after the 5 km warmup down to the startingpoint it is just so that you can see the road in front of you with no problem. 8 hard repeats of running and in the middle of the workout you have the sunrise. This is perfect since the mornings get really hot very fast at the moment. Because recovery is crucial to altitude success you have no choice but to do all you can do avoid extra stress. This includes running at the coolest time of the day.

About two more weeks down here and I think I have had my fair deal of training stress at altitude. It will be nice to come down again to sea level with lots of good, hard mileage done 🙂