One week until Rome Golden League

not run. It would be foolish to run half-injured a week before Rome. That would not benefit either races.

I am feeling fine, but I am still waiting for the post-altitude feeling to kick in. I am sure it will, so the only thing I focus on it getting my running system ready and my mind fresh. Then I have done my job, and the rest is just to run the race. So much training, and finally some racing.

I have not seen any startinglists yet, but I would guess that all the best Kenyans and Maroccons will be in there, plus some Ethiopians. Then a good mix of Italians, Spaniards, French and maybe a German athlete or two. Plus myself. Should be around 20 athletes in the field, all good for 13.20s and down. The race there is always quick with good pacemakers. For me, it is just to hang on the best I can. I was tenth last year, with an almost perfect race. It will be hard to copy such a race this year again, but I will do my best. At least I have done my job this winter and have prepared well.

All well a week before Rome,