9 days until Rome

I am running really easy these days. My experience is that some easy days around a week before a race always comes out good. I also have to be careful with the groin muscle injury and not aggrevate it more. I am right on the edge with it.


have had some days in my hometown Sandefjord now, just to get ready. Then I will go back to Oslo for the last preparation with Frank. When I have been in Sandefjord, he has driven down from Oslo for my quality sessions. It should be all right, even though the first race at your special distance (mine, the 5000 meters) always brings out some nervousness.

I will travel down there the day before. It is really hot in Rome, and I have good experience with going down there as close as possible to avoid getting drained out by the heat. I also think my many trips to Kenya (with the weather there) gives me an advantage when it comes to acclimatization. I run at 21.55 (9.55) so by then it will hopefully be nice and cool also.

All well with me, 9 days before Rome.