On Tønsberg and training

Today, alot of the Norwegian athletes are starting the season down in a small meeting in Tønsberg very close to the place I am from, Sandefjord. A quite nice meeting in a stadium that I have run many, many times as a young runner. Something special…

down south the coaststrip from Oslo 🙂 Will be interesting to see the results from there. I spoke to the national coach the other day, Tømmernes, as he came by when I was running one of my treadmill sessions. He was excited as always about the season. It is good to see that the Norwegian athletics (that have been struggling the last few years) finally have some leadership and optimism. I like leaders like him – he will back you until the end and be the last one to jump off the boat (which is really rare for a person in his position) But, once the season is over and there is no more hope for that year he is also the first to put down very, very clearly the changes that needs to be done. One should not underestimate those leadership things even though, in the end, it is the daily training, each single day and hour that makes world class results.

Training is going well. I have still been pressing hard just waiting for the body to tell me to rest 🙂 But as long as the pressure can be held high I will try and continue. A test at Jonny Høgseth yesterday showed that things are fine with the muscular system so a nice “checkpoint”.

Just back from an easy run out in the rain. Which is fine really, as it forces the long intervall sessions to inside on the treadmill which is much more effective than running outside on those long hard intervalls. Though after a long winter I would not mind some outside runs now :)) Hopefully it will clear abit until Monday…

Well time for some rest now,

From Oslo,