Preparing for Rome-back in Norway

After two weeks at altitude I have arrived Norway again where I am doing my best to recover from the altitude stay. Physio up to 2-3 time daily to freshen up the legs again – lots of sleep and mental + physical rest.
Published: Wed, 05 Jul 2006 by Marius

The time after altitude says it all about the stress up there. You feel very, very tired – in a different way than just training at sea level. You sort of feel that your body has been stretched to the fullest. That is a feeling that is actually difficult to get when you are so well trained as an elite athlete. So a great way of getting to a new level when already top trained.

Yesterday was a threshold session around the Sognsvann lake. I am feeling fine during it and the pace was ok. But I was careful with the total time run and watched the lactate values closely. Plus not doing all of the regular test routes to ensure that I was not “hunting” for time. Today only one training run of about 10 km before starting up with some track work later in the week.

Then it will be preparations for the Rome Golden League, the 14th of July. 5000 meters. The field there will consist of all the best athletes in the world so probably extremely high pace in the race. It will be the 6th time for me in the Rome meeting so looking forward to coming back once again 🙂

All well from Oslo again,