Tuning in to the last few days up here.

We are tuning in to the last few days up here in St Moritz. This morning was another long track session on the St Moritz track. We were suppose to have had it yesterday, but the extremely nice weather recently was interrupted by thunderstorm + 8 degrees C yesterday morning. So one day delay.

Published: Fri, 30 Jun 2006 by Marius

In Norway I try to do those harder sessions as late as possible in the evening as the bio rhythm is more set for physical activity then. But up here it is a bit different and hard sessions are easier run in the morning (while you usually feel tired in the afternoon) Says a lot about the changes at altitude.

More and more world class athletes are coming up here. The group from Quatar is growing with plenty of very fast athletes. Plus saw the runner from Saudi Arabia who did 12.58 last year on the track this morning. Which means that the top three non-african born runners last year have been up here during the last week. It says a lot about the importance of altitude training and about St Moritz as a training place. I do not believe that an athlete can reach its full potential without altitude training – the effect of it is too big to ignore if done properly.

Long + easy run this afternoon to adjust the legs abit. Probably abit earlier than usual as Bjørnar is a soccer enthusiast and wants to watch the world cup games. He has been training well – we are running most of the same(or similar) sessions just at different speeds but with the same kind of lactate values. He is gaining experience at altitude which will be very helpful in the future career.

All well from here 🙂