Puh…. Done with the Bislett Games

Yesterdays Bislett Games experience was a painful experience. Much harder than last years 13.09 despite a time of close to 50 seconds slower. I am proud I got through it and finished.

Much of the obvious trouble can be explained by a a heel…

injury I have struggled the last weeks, on the achilles and lower calf muscle. So I tried to use the last week before the race to do everything I could to get well. Total rest (mental and physical) to preserve as much energy as possible into the recovery. And I did manage to speed up the recovery and be without pain on the day of the race, but the preparations had not been good enough. Not even close to enough race pace training and too many spoiled sessions.

The main reason why I did run, was that Bislett Games is special to me. I have watched the meet live since I was a little kid and run great races there before. So even though I knew the preparations were not ideal I decided to run if I was injury free on race day. And I was. Sometimes it is important to go out there even though you are not 100 %.

The plans from now on is to pick up training again and get back leg strength and race stride. The endurance base is excellent, but I need a few more weeks to really benefit from it. Right now I have no float and I am unable to get a “free ride” through most of the race. When that comes, I will be ready again.

Finally an update. Sorry for the lack of it recently but I hope for your understanding 🙂