Feeling fine in my injury – ready for some work again

I have not had any problem with my injury after the Bislett race. I am getting treatment just in case, but it looks fine for the first time in weeks. Finally I can get to some consistant work again and start strengthening up my leg muscles with fast…

track work.

We have started the planning of the rest of the season. I will leave for St.Moritz, Switzerlandthe 8th of July and stay there for altitude training. It is the same place I stayed last year before my Norwegian record in the 5000 meters. There are several benefits with St.Moritz : I have exact times/lactate values to compare with from bfore, the travel is short and climate nice. It is also at such an altitude that I can do the fast track work I have been missing. If I had stayed injuryfree I could have gone back to Bolivia, but because of the circumstances St.Moritz is probably a better pick.