Soon off to St.Moritz!

In only a few days now I am heading for altitude training in St. Moritz, Switzerland. I will stay at 2435 meters altitude and train down at 1800 meters (by the tartan track where you have great running paths to train on)

For the first time…

since late May I am 100 % injury free and I have had a week of normal training. It feels great to be able to do what you have planned again. But time is short before the European Championships the 9th (prelims) and 11th (finals) of August, so it will be a real race against the clock. I like challenges, but usually with a bit more time on my hand 🙂 The main plan is to use altitude training to keep the endurance going, while at the same time finally get into normal training at competition speeds. In that way I will get both factors important to race fast in the 5000 meters. To do that, however, I need to be 100 % injury free for each and every single day before the Championships. All fingers crossed 🙂

I have received many encouraging emails lately. Thank you for all of them. It is great to see that people give support both when things are going well and when you have trouble. That means alot and I won`t forget you once I start moving for real again.

All well from Oslo,