Resting day..

Two easy sessions today to recover after hard work in the beginnning of the stay. Perfect in the sun right by the pool. At least for a few hours before you need a break, since it has been quite hot today. Some of the others came back from a 36 km…

long run yesterday totally sunburned so got to be careful 🙂 The morning run at around eight and the evening at 4.30 when it has cooled off abit. Now that the full group is here, plenty of people out on the long runs in all kinds of paces so no problem if you wish to run hard or just an easy stroll.

Jack Waitz joined the quality session yesterday and made sure the lactate meters etc. stayed in place while we were running. Great to have an insightful person around like that when you do sessions, makes you just a little more focused because you know the kind of level of training he knows about. Important to focus now. Like I have said before, the Eastern training camp is sort of a push into the spring training, as my January training camp is so to the winter. Without those two specific training camps the winter feels sort of “incomplete” in terms of motivation and training stress. Tried it before and it felt like the winter just “went by” 🙂

Some of the others are leaving for Sevilla tomorrow for a day trip. The rest of us will stay here for some more quality work – got to push on while you can..

From Portugal,