Second post altitude test today

Today was exactly one week after my altitude stay. From my previous stays, my experience has been that around this time my running varies quite a bit. On some sessions I feel ok, on others just lousy…..but now I have had two great tests in a row….

Mondays test was very encouraging, and todays even better. So I am satisfied. They are run on a treadmill, and I test myself using lactate meters….I pinch myself in the finger (not using an automatic thing, I just use a needle and pinch my finger hard….hurts in the beginning, but you get used to it 🙂 ). That way I am not dependent on others doing it. So lots of sweat, blood and lactatestuff by the treadmill at the TIS (Top athletics Center in Oslo)

This week and next is important for me in my training. If I get those right, I am prepared for Kenya again…..and down there things will go automatic. In that way I am always in the hunt for better times – by always focusing on a limited number of weeks – either down in Kenya or in between Kenya. No time to rest.

I am also back in school again, but for every semester it gets harder and harder to follow lectures – your thoughts are somewhere else. I force myself to be there, because I like being with other people than athletes (and I love the great discussions there – political science is fun to study), but still it is difficult, because I really have a full time job with athletics. But we will see. I have a strange way of barely making things, but when it comes really down to the test, I usually get it right. Hopefully that will happen this time also.