Still running strong after Bolivia

I am still feeling very strong after the 3 weeks of altitude training down in Bolivia. Another week like this now, and things will get back to normal again.

I will start track workouts again now also. I have stayed off it for a while, just…

to get some general physical and mental rest from it. But now it is time to start again, before the first snow hits Norway. I am not looking forward to that kind of weather…

I will also try to do some more sessions with my training partner, Henrik Sandstad. Up to now, we have been just a little bit to far apart fitness/ability wise. It took him a year of this kind of training to really get adjusted, but now he is doing really well and tests show that he can actually run most sessions with me without any problem at all. That is encouraging for us both – it means harder and better workouts and it is always easier to be two when you do those. Then, when spring comes we will probably start more seperate workouts as I will run track work faster.

Thats all,