The track packed – nice days in St Moritz

the town. A group of Ethiopians and more Kenyans. Plus we have the Swiss athletic schools. I feel a bit bad for some of them, because every second day they are on the track “hammering” intervalls. This at altitude at a very young while probably already doing more work than they are used it.. not much time to rest or build endurance to say the least.

I have now got a hold of an “elite pass” for the St Moritz area, which includes free entries for most things around. Including the bus that travels around the small town. Which is no small benefit – it is pure relief not having the walk/climb up to the St Moritz Dorf every day from St Moritz Baad where we live. The town itself is located about 70 meters higher in altitude – plenty enough to tire up tired legs 🙂 But I like going up there daily – it is the perfect little Alp town and a great place to relax, sit and read between trainings 🙂

From St Moritz,