About a month until Athens

I am going into the last period of training up here now. It will be continued pressure allthrough. Because these summer altitude stays are shorter than the normal winter ones I only use periodization within the weeks. So training is very, very hard…

from day one until the day of return.

From tomorrow it is only four weeks until I run the Olympic prelims, the 25th of August. Before that I will travel down to precamp on one of the Greece islands for an acclimatization period. It is important to get away and into such an environment before such a great thing as the Olympics. The setting makes you mentally prepared for what is ahead – in a totally different way than staying at home. But I will travel into the Olympic city as short of time as possible before (a couple of days) to prevent the stress there. No need to spend too much time in that chaos :)) The precamp will be arranged by the federation and is seems like the chief Toemmernes is doing a good job preparing it to fit the athletes perfect. Those small things matter for an event that is held only each fourth year.

Before that I will run the Norwegian championships in Floroe a bit over a week after arrival back home again. I am entered in both 15 and 5000 but will decide which one to race just shortly before. I am looking forward to racing in Floroe, it is one of my favourite place to race. Quite fast track – almost like the old Bislett stadion, (something that can be quite rare around here as we for some strange reason have no fast Mondo tracks in Norway) so very nice to run on. A good place to get some racing before travelling down there.

All well !