Beautiful last days

We have had some absolutely beautiful days here in St Moritz the last week. Actually, except one day with rain we have had blue sky and nice temperature every single day during the stay. That helps when you are pushing the training like I have tried…

to recently.

I was suppose to run a track session yesterday of longer track intervalls but changed it last minute. I was already in a good climb on the endurance side and did not want to break this pattern. Which was hard as I really like those hard track workouts. But you have to do what is best for you – be smart, and be clearheaded. The gut feeling is good but when in doubt it is always better to go by prior experience and measurements. So I did a job looking back on my notes from previous years of training (I always travel with the last seven years of detailed training diary) and found some good references back to similar situations there.

I combined the endurance session with an evening sprint workout. Which was great in the nice weather. Just resting during the long recoveries on the track.

Today was another easy runs that I did with a couple of American marathoners that I have done the easy runs with recently. 2.12 and 2.18 guys one of them going to Athens for the US, the other one a crazy American living in Bangkok and training in China most of the year. Two nice guys with super work attitude. I like that type of runners. That do not hesitate but love the hard work you have to put in to be your best. Without that kind of mental strength you will have a hard time succeeding in distance running..

Tuning back to Norway very soon,