Well into training in Kenya

I am done with the two first training days here in Eldoret. I can of course feel the altitude, but because of all my previous stays I am running comfortable from day one now. No problem at all – even the sleeping pattern (usually you sleep lighter…

at altitude) is like at sea level.

I feared the rainy season a bit before coming here – it started in late March. But it turned out to be just fine – it rains during the night only, and the air is nice and fresh on the morning run, plus the surface is perfectly soft.

The rest of the group were here when I came down, and the same relaxing feeling I usually have down here, was there immediately. Things do so slow in the daily life here, and you just kind of follow along….nothing like back home…

I am spacing some of the hard sessions a bit more now, as the quality of the sessions is higher the closer I get to racing. I have to be careful, so that the adaption to (more) faster work goes easily. But I think the perfect place to do this adaption is down here – on red hard packed mud roads, in 30 degrees C and lots of rest between the training…..

So everything well with me in Eldoret,