Moving up to the mountains – webpage updated for 2001 season

Tomorrow I will leave for higher altitude. The rest of the team will leave for Norway, and I will move up there with Michael Dyke, a Norwegian/American athlete. I will also stay in close touch with the Kenyan Philemon Boit, who is employed full time…

by Frank, to give me muscle treatment and fix things in general. So it will be absolutely no problem at all.

On Monday we went to the Clique here in Eldoret, to watch the Boston Marathon. They have a big TV screen there (the only one in Eldoret), and showed the race. The Kenyans watching were certain a Kenyan would win the mens race……but when the South Korean winner and the Ecuadorian Guerra pulled away the whole place got dead silent. Until a Kenyan athlete burst out in shock : “What ?? Not a Kenyan winning ? It is not possible….and not even an Ethiopian beating them ? Where did these mzungos come from ? The Kenyans must be very, very injured today….” :))

The webpage has been updated for the 2001 season. Check out the new competition schedules/world statistics for 2001 etc.etc. And also there are links to future championships below “sportserver” and “news links” at the top of the page.

Gotta go run now. Running conditions are beautiful. For some reason, the rain season stopped, and is is perfect to run. Hope it will last for another 2 weeks πŸ™‚