Briefly in Eldoret

I went down to Eldoret today to get some things done. The rural areas around here are…….simply rural…if you want to have anything done or want to buy something, the only place really to do so is Eldoret. So I will stay here today and tomorrow….

Tomorrow, they show the London Marathon here – with Paul Tergat making a debute at the distance, so I want to watch that.

Then I also need some muscle treatment to soften up hard worked running muscles. I have a Kenyan in Eldoret I use for that, who helps the Kenyan runners avoid injuries. He is actually quite good, throught many hours of doing it (no schooling).

I am well into training now, after a week down here. My breathing is just as at sea level, the only real difference is that the pace I can train at is just slightly slower. But is is getting so close to regular sea level speed that it really is marginal. That is what happens with a string of stays in altitude – you adapt almost fully to it.

Time to go downtown to get some food. Being one of very few whites here, it used to feel sort of strange to walk around downtown here – it is a very crowded, noicy place (only one main street in Eldoret, even though it lives 800 000 people here). But now it is fine – you get used to being a mzungo πŸ™‚