Some rain and mud – but no problem :)

When I walked back from the Supermarket yesterday, just suddenly (and very unexpected) the rain started to absolutely pour down….and for some reason (probably because they knew something I did not…) all the Kenyans around me had umbrellas with…

them. So for the next 5 minutes, I found myself running through the mud, extremely wet and to the laugh of all the Kenyans with their umbrellas. Guess the rainseason came back and the mzungo did not expect it 🙂

But in the morning today, most of it had dried up, and it was no problem to run. It was actually better, because the roads were nice and soft. They say it will rain again this evening again, so I will soon head for the Supermarket and train before it starts again. My concept of rain and being wet for some reason changed yesterday….

I am training well. Sessions are abit faster and shorter, but I keep my general training principles never too far away. I think the timing is perfect for an altitude stay now. When I get back to Norway again, I can finally run in the forest reserves there on the soft cinder. Excellent for resitutition.

All well – Marius