Some videos out on the web – running going well in Kenya

I have put some video clips from Kenya out on the web now, under “Live Video” on the left hand menue. What you see is : clip 1 is from the mountain areas where I go up to live and train. There you can see Frank, Susanne and our friendly taxi driver…

George. It is extremely green and nice there, and the area in the background is perfect for hill workouts on soft grass. The other clip is from a workout at the Platue in Eldoret, where you see myself and Josphat Boit doing lactate acid testing with Frank in between 1000 meter intervalls.

Not much new here. I can hardly feel the altitude, and training sessions are brisk. The only thing I need now is to get on some good track work to get used to the tartan again. The cinder tracks here are quite good, but the feeling of a regular tartan track is slightly different. But I will have plenty of time for that when I get back to Norway . Hopefully the snow will have gone away then.

From Kenya, Marius